The Rose’s Story

Wayne and Kate Rose and their three children Andrew, Hannah and Matteah have been struggling for some time now to make ends meet. Kate was an R.N. at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston, MA until she injured her shoulder and wasn’t able to lift or move patients any longer. She was collecting disability pay for a while, but those benefits have now ended. Although it has been difficult for them to manage without Kate’s paycheck, it has had the benefit of allowing her to stay home with the children, all three of whom have disabilities of one sort or another. Andrew just started Kindergarten with an Autism diagnosis which understandably makes school days stressful for him. Hannah has entered her second year of preschool with regular OT and speech therapy appointments, and Matteah had open heart surgery 4 days after birth. Although she is doing well she is back and forth to Children’s hospital on a fairly regular basis. As you can imagine this family has a very full schedule. Up until recently, although finances were tight, they were managing to get by.

A few weeks ago all that changed when Wayne was diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery to remove his tumor. The recovery from the surgery has been much longer than expected and the complications have meant that he has had to take a long leave of absence from his job. Wayne has now found out that he will need to undergo extensive radiation treatment which will keep him out of work even longer. I’m sure you can see how things have become desperate financially for these guys.

Thank you so much for your consideration, generosity and support.